The Déjà Vu Phenomenon

Another Space Time Paradox

     It was a Saturday morning when a couple of students met at an Internet cafe for some fancy named coffee drinks. One of them was James, an undergraduate student who had met the previous afternoon with Professor Wishbone, to decide on researching and writing a thesis paper on the phenomenon of Déjà Vu. The other student was a graduate assistant named Greg, who was there to do some of his own research as well as provide assistance to James.

     James: “For my thesis paper this fall, I plan to find whatever I can about Déjà Vu, and even explore some new theories that may have been overlooked by the scientific community. Let me show you some of my notes taken from an informal discussion with Wishbone last night.

     Greg: “Jimmy, please proceed; since time travel paradoxes have always intrigued me. I am anxious to see what you have.”

     At this point in time James had flipped open his laptop and brought up the following video clip shown by Wishbone. Obviously this was a crude, yet creative scientific version of Déjà Vu, conjured up by creative Hollywood sci-fi writers. In the segment shown, the bending of space time, theories of wormholes and parallel universes are all part of the equation.


     The next image shown was found by Jimmy after doing some minor Internet research. Jimmy then relayed how over %70 of people have had this experience—especially younger folks. It’s like going on an instantaneous time travel journey through a wormhole, he stated. He went on to say, “Most head shrinks maintain it’s nothing more than a mental fluke. That is, our mind does a bate and switch which causes us to think we were previously in a situation we never were in. It’s all mental contortions”

     Greg: “If any of this is to hold water, I believe our spirit has to temporarily leave our body behind; since we are still mortal beings of flesh and bones. That way we can momentarily transcend spacetime, and overcome gravitational and energy forces, and ever matter. As of yet I don’t believe God’s laws allow for this paradox in our current physical state.”

     James: “Good observation. However, other scientist give credence to the theory of reincarnation—an experience that already occurred in a past life. I deject this hypothesis on account that those that support it maintain that the surroundings they were suddenly interjected into at that point in time were modern and current, which leads me to believe they couldn’t have known of modern things during those times. Yet some will reason that this is proof of forward time travel from those past days.”

     Greg: “So what do you propose for your thesis paper, Jimmy? You seem to have your hands, . . . or shall I say head full.”

     James: “As of yet, I feel I’ll have to do a lot more research, before I can come up with something conclusive. However, during my research I hope to uncover some repetitive method of forward time travel. If I could just get a glimpse of some significant future event. For instance, the state of the stock market, or the winner of a major sport event, or the impending incursion of some catastrophic disaster.”

     Greg: “Well Jimmy, I think I’ve peeped your whole card: You can make some big dollars if you could place winning bets prior to those stock market and sport events. How shrewd you are.”

     James: “Why not make some bucks along the way. Huh Greg?”

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