Neanderthal’s Sex Life

A Dissatisfied Bride

     During a time between Wishbone’s classes, Jeff, a lab assistant to the professor, confronts him with challenging questions about Neanderthal man.

     Jeff: “Professor, I’ve heard some contradictory theories about the sudden way Neanderthal man seemed to just vanish off the face of the earth, to suddenly be replaced by the appearance of Cro-Magnon man. Could you shed some additional light on this subject? By the way, I just so happened to have an artist conception of his looks from the Internet, shown to me by a student of yours, Cindy.”

Neanderthal-001     Wishbone: “Certainly Jeff. Ironically I had an encounter with Professor Wisenheirmer about this same controversy about a week ago. The reason I say controversy is because there are two principal schools of thought. One: Neanderthal man evolved from the family of hominoids—ape like creatures—and were never related to humanoids—human like creatures. On the converse: Neanderthal men were the predecessors of humanoids, and never had roots in the species of hominoids. Succinctly, they were always ape like creatures, or they were always human like creatures, and there were no transitional forms in between. At least none were discovered recently.”

neanderthal + woman     Wishbone continued: “Concerning Cro-Magnon man, as I relayed to Professor Wisenheirmer, at this point in time I must concede that the sudden appearance of Cro-Magnon men on the scene occurred without proof of transitional life forms. There is however, some scientific carbon-14 dating methods that reveal that Neanderthals were extinct before humans appeared in Western Europe.”

     Jeff: “Professor. Also when I saw Cindy the other day, she expressed much discuss about the possible interbreeding between Neanderthal and Cro-Magnon. She related how disdainful it must have been for her female ancestors to make love to such ugly, foul mouth, hairy looking creatures. She said she couldn’t conceive of any act of such sexual intimacy. After looking at these photos from the Internet, I can’t blame her.”

     Wishbone: “Next time you see her, tell her not to have faint heart. Up until recently, Neanderthals may well have been extinct long before humans began to migrate around the world. If so, then it would have been impossible for humans and Neanderthals to interbreed.”

     Jeff: “I’ll be sure to relay this to her. Meanwhile, this all reminds me of those cartoon caricatures of a caveman who clubs some gal and drags her off to do whatever he wants.”

     Wishbone: “So true Jeff. It’s hilarious. So true.”

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