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Sonny Boy’s Brief Bio

Sonny Boy the Analyst

Sonny Boy – Amateur Scientist

Born as a pre baby-boomer, I lived through World War II, the Cold War, the Counter Culture Movement, the Cult Explosion, the Civil Rights Movement, and participated in the recent era of burgeoning technological innovations.

Since this blog has been setup under the SonnyBoyStory website, it offers me an outlet to expound my addiction to science, nature and my Christian convictions.

the scientistmatter

During my teen years I subscribed to the Time-Life Science Library series.

In addition to my engineering studies at Drexel Institute, my familiarity with scientific lab work comes from laboring as a research lab technician at DuPont chemicals and as a water treatment specialist for the Air Force and IBM. Take note that while many of these scientific assertions are serious and true, they are approached from a comedic perspective entailing slapstick humor.

Details of my story have been written in a book available from the Amazon.com Kindle book store under the title Episodes of Addiction: An Afro-American Autobiography, by Earl L Thompson. To link to Amazon – Click Here

Kindle Book Cover


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