Neanderthal’s Sex Life

A Dissatisfied Bride

     During a time between Wishbone’s classes, Jeff, a lab assistant to the professor, confronts him with challenging questions about Neanderthal man.

     Jeff: “Professor, I’ve heard some contradictory theories about the sudden way Neanderthal man seemed to just vanish off the face of the earth, to suddenly be replaced by the appearance of Cro-Magnon man. Could you shed some additional light on this subject? By the way, I just so happened to have an artist conception of his looks from the Internet, shown to me by a student of yours, Cindy.”

Neanderthal-001     Wishbone: “Certainly Jeff. Ironically I had an encounter with Professor Wisenheirmer about this same controversy about a week ago. The reason I say controversy is because there are two principal schools of thought. One: Neanderthal man evolved from the family of hominoids—ape like creatures—and were never related to humanoids—human like creatures. On the converse: Neanderthal men were the predecessors of humanoids, and never had roots in the species of hominoids. Succinctly, they were always ape like creatures, or they were always human like creatures, and there were no transitional forms in between. At least none were discovered recently.”

neanderthal + woman     Wishbone continued: “Concerning Cro-Magnon man, as I relayed to Professor Wisenheirmer, at this point in time I must concede that the sudden appearance of Cro-Magnon men on the scene occurred without proof of transitional life forms. There is however, some scientific carbon-14 dating methods that reveal that Neanderthals were extinct before humans appeared in Western Europe.”

     Jeff: “Professor. Also when I saw Cindy the other day, she expressed much discuss about the possible interbreeding between Neanderthal and Cro-Magnon. She related how disdainful it must have been for her female ancestors to make love to such ugly, foul mouth, hairy looking creatures. She said she couldn’t conceive of any act of such sexual intimacy. After looking at these photos from the Internet, I can’t blame her.”

     Wishbone: “Next time you see her, tell her not to have faint heart. Up until recently, Neanderthals may well have been extinct long before humans began to migrate around the world. If so, then it would have been impossible for humans and Neanderthals to interbreed.”

     Jeff: “I’ll be sure to relay this to her. Meanwhile, this all reminds me of those cartoon caricatures of a caveman who clubs some gal and drags her off to do whatever he wants.”

     Wishbone: “So true Jeff. It’s hilarious. So true.”


The Déjà Vu Phenomenon

Another Space Time Paradox

     It was a Saturday morning when a couple of students met at an Internet cafe for some fancy named coffee drinks. One of them was James, an undergraduate student who had met the previous afternoon with Professor Wishbone, to decide on researching and writing a thesis paper on the phenomenon of Déjà Vu. The other student was a graduate assistant named Greg, who was there to do some of his own research as well as provide assistance to James.

     James: “For my thesis paper this fall, I plan to find whatever I can about Déjà Vu, and even explore some new theories that may have been overlooked by the scientific community. Let me show you some of my notes taken from an informal discussion with Wishbone last night.

     Greg: “Jimmy, please proceed; since time travel paradoxes have always intrigued me. I am anxious to see what you have.”

     At this point in time James had flipped open his laptop and brought up the following video clip shown by Wishbone. Obviously this was a crude, yet creative scientific version of Déjà Vu, conjured up by creative Hollywood sci-fi writers. In the segment shown, the bending of space time, theories of wormholes and parallel universes are all part of the equation.


     The next image shown was found by Jimmy after doing some minor Internet research. Jimmy then relayed how over %70 of people have had this experience—especially younger folks. It’s like going on an instantaneous time travel journey through a wormhole, he stated. He went on to say, “Most head shrinks maintain it’s nothing more than a mental fluke. That is, our mind does a bate and switch which causes us to think we were previously in a situation we never were in. It’s all mental contortions”

     Greg: “If any of this is to hold water, I believe our spirit has to temporarily leave our body behind; since we are still mortal beings of flesh and bones. That way we can momentarily transcend spacetime, and overcome gravitational and energy forces, and ever matter. As of yet I don’t believe God’s laws allow for this paradox in our current physical state.”

     James: “Good observation. However, other scientist give credence to the theory of reincarnation—an experience that already occurred in a past life. I deject this hypothesis on account that those that support it maintain that the surroundings they were suddenly interjected into at that point in time were modern and current, which leads me to believe they couldn’t have known of modern things during those times. Yet some will reason that this is proof of forward time travel from those past days.”

     Greg: “So what do you propose for your thesis paper, Jimmy? You seem to have your hands, . . . or shall I say head full.”

     James: “As of yet, I feel I’ll have to do a lot more research, before I can come up with something conclusive. However, during my research I hope to uncover some repetitive method of forward time travel. If I could just get a glimpse of some significant future event. For instance, the state of the stock market, or the winner of a major sport event, or the impending incursion of some catastrophic disaster.”

     Greg: “Well Jimmy, I think I’ve peeped your whole card: You can make some big dollars if you could place winning bets prior to those stock market and sport events. How shrewd you are.”

     James: “Why not make some bucks along the way. Huh Greg?”

Kinks in the Links

Beyond Lucy

     One day, when classes for both professors began in mid-morning, they met at a local Star Bucks for java, pastries and wifi hookups. As usual, the coffee shop was filled with students and Silicon Valley techno geeks fully submerged in internet activities involving games, research and social media. After an interval of trivial chit chat, Wisenheirmer flipped open his laptop and jumped right into making his point; which turned into a full blown skull session between them.

     Wisenheirmer: “Have there been any additional discoveries relative to transitional life forms involving ancient humanoids recently?”

     Wishbone: “If you’re here to hassle me about Lucy, since that recent Dawn of the Planet of the Apes movie—forget it. I have better things to do.”

     Wisenheirmer: “It’s sorta down that same line, so I’ll get straight to the point. I was hoping you could clarify the sudden appearance of Cro-Magnon man at the door steps of Neanderthal man, or should I say the appearance of Cro-Magnon man at the cave entrance. Succinctly, is there a record of transitional life forms from one to the other? Or should I ask, What’s the link between them?”

     Wishbone: “I must admit professor, there seems to be no recorded facts of continuous incremental developments till this date. On the other hand, there are still finds from digs the world over. Something will eventually show up.”

pitdown man

     Wisenheirmer: “These drawings are supposedly factual representations of the evolutionary progression of ancient man to modern man. No doubt, you must agree with the consensus of the majority of the mainstream scientific community. And that is, most of these have been determined to be hoaxes.”

pitdown man 2

     Wisenheirmer continued: “These are some of the exposures: 1) The ages of some skulls have been changed to reflect that they were far older than they actually were; 2) Teeth and other bones found at some sites were stained for the same reasons; 3) Plaster of Paris models were used to build missing portions of skulls; 4)
The specimen of some jaws and craniums were faked as belonging to the same individual; 5) Animal bones were used as parts from some human like anatomical species; and 6) Some specimens were deliberately fashioned to resemble the missing link, and planted in excavated areas.

     Wishbone: “Back to your original question, some insist that anatomically modern humans—Cro-Magnon—and Neanderthals had co-existed, and perhaps even had children together. This now appears to be rubbish. The recent consensus by many paleoanthropologists is that a new kind of man appeared on the planet, seemingly from nowhere, and he was smart, artistic, and however he got here, he landed in a lot of places simultaneously. Some even believe Cro-Magnon were aliens from outer space. If this were so, then this would complicate things even more—so how did they evolve and how did they get here? It’s a classical case of circular logic. Therefore at this point in time, I must agree that all is still unresolved.”

     Wisenheirmer: “These so-called ‘ape-men,’ who are supposed to be the ancestors of the human race, have been named after the places where they were supposed to have been discovered. There is the Nebraska Man, the Java Man, the Peking Man, the Heidelberg Man, the Piltdown Man, etc. The question still remains: Why isn’t there a continuous record of incremental developments?”

     After all their discussions, Professor Wishbone had to concede that his hypothesis was week and lacked sufficient scientific facts from years of research. On the other hand, he still vowed to continue his research for the missing link. Before they concluded, Wisenheirmer displayed the following animation on his laptop.


The Stanford Planck

The God Particle

     It was a sunny morning when a field trip was scheduled to the Stanford Linear Accelerator Center, better known as SLAC. Freshmen students across the board were invited to attend. The university was only a short jaunt up the highway to Palo Alto—less than an hour drive during off rush hours. The students were escorted by professors Wishbone and professor Wisenheirmer.


     When they arrived, they were greeted by a research associate assigned to the welcoming committee. The first thing he did was to show them a row of photo portraits of famed scientist of theoretical physics, such as Einstein and Max Planck. He emphasized that Planck was a German theoretical physicist who originated quantum theory, which won him the Nobel Prize in Physics in 1918.


     The associate then lead them to an aerial view showing the laboratory followed by an artist conception of the lab layout. The main accelerator is 2 miles long—the longest linear accelerator in the world—and has been operational since 1966, he boasted.
     Then he went on to explain how scientist are continuing to explore the outer most realms of space, while on the other hand they’re also looking into the deepest realms of inner space—uncovering mysteries of subatomic particles to the structure of matter.


     “As far as atom smashing is concerned,” the associate continued, “The work at the Large Hadron Collider in Switzerland is currently leading edge; especially with the discovery of the Higgs boson, also known as The God Particle. See the photograph on the wall. Physicists believe that the boson, and the energy field associated with it, were key to the formation of the universe 13.7 billion years ago—bringing together particles in the wake of the Big Bang, and helping stars and planets to form.”

     Just then Professor Wishbone nudged his way through the crowd and confronted the associate saying, “What’s the deal with the nomenclature ‘The God Particle?’ What God particle? I’m a Paleontology guru, and not savvy in these theories of particle physics.”

     Wisenheirmer, who was standing near said under his breath, “Oh boy, here we go. He’s gonna lock horns with this unsuspecting research associate.”

     The associate responded, “I understand your concern. In fact, many scientist are not comfortable with the name ‘God Particle.’ They also object because of the religious connotations, Believe me, there has been, and still is, a great deal of ruckus among talking heads from both the secular and religious scientific communities.”

     “So those scientist that do accept the name,” continued Wishbone, “are they trying to say that God exist? What solid proof do they have?”

     “It’s just a name professor. For the religious population, the God Particle, is just like any other particle—a neutron, a meson, or quark—it’s God’s particle.”

     “There you go again.”

     After the tour, everyone headed outside to the buses for the return trip. At that time Wishbone approached Wisenheirmer and asked him, “What’s that smirk on your face all about?”

     “It’s just a name professor,” Wisenheirmer replied. “Remember these guys are called ‘theoretical’ physicist. Theory, it’s all just theory. Similar to much of our work.”

     As the buses pulled off, professor Wishbone seemed to still pout about the entire experience. In the mean time, some of the students tried not to show their attempts to hold in their inner ridicule of how foolish the professor came across.

     The following YouTube video shows clips from a typical tour of the complex:

The Paradox of Christ

[Continued from the previous Post – More Time Travel]

Multiple Crucifixions

     Before the conclusion of Dr. Christine Thompson’s lecture, she emphasized the crucifixion of Jesus.

     Thompson: “Now I want you all to focus in on the center of the chart; The image of the cross more specifically. This is the most significant event that occurred on this planet. Now let’s suppose there are multiple universes in existence. Or, even multiple inhabited worlds within our own galaxy. Just think of the possible predicament this would cause Jesus.”

     She continued, “Now imagine if the Father asked Jesus to go down to other worlds that were infested with sin. And if Lucifer or some other evil entity was there working overtime to insure there would be plenty of company in hell at the end time. Moreover, the Father asked Him to suffer through another crucifixion event.”


     “I’m sure Jesus would remind Him of the prayer He said before hand:” ‘If thou be willing, remove this cup from me . . .‘ This is His quote from Luke 22:42. Jesus was fully man, as well as fully God. If He were a cyborg, a droid or some other fabricated entity, he wouldn’t have felt a thing.”

     Thompson continued: “Thus, he would have been a fake, resulting in a bogus crucifixion. A being sent from heaven as a plant. Therefore, if this were the case, the atonement for sins would have been a farce.”

     At his point she made the sign of the cross as if she were asking forgiveness for her humorous gag about the Lord.

     Thompson then finalized: “What a pitiful site He was. I want to conclude by stating that because of this fictional scenario, it is my contention that there is only us. No other worlds, no other universes, no extraterrestrials out there. We are it. And Christ paid the price, once and for all.”


     “I’m sorry I said I wouldn’t preach. But I know no other way to get this message across. Besides, just look at the photo of this sea of humanity. There are over 7 billion folks on this planet. Isn’t that enough of us to go around?” Even though the Multiverse theory is widely accepted, I proclaim it is a megamistake.”

     After the assembly was dismissed, there were clumps of gatherings outside discussing the significance of what they just heard. Some conversations were positive, while others were negative. Obviously those objecting were of the evolutionist and atheist crowd. Waiting outside was Professor Wishbone who told them they should have left with him when he stormed out earlier. “That was total poppycock,” he asserted, “What rational scientific student would fall for such rubbish?”

More Time Travel

A Biblical Perspective

     After lunch, the students began drifting back into the auditorium for the afternoon lecture. Already present at the podium was guest lecturer Doctor Christine Thompson, who holds a PhD in Theology from Fuller Theological Seminary. Currently she heads up the Northern California extension in Menlo Park. She had came down and slipped in during the morning session.

     To kick off the lecture, she cracked the following joke: “Doctor Wisestien has informed me that this college receives no government grants. Since that’s the case, then I should be able to make the following suggestion without federal repercussions. How about we form a hit squad to go back in time and assassinate some of these present day politicians?”

     This crack caused an instantaneous uproar of laughter, whistling, foot stomping, clapping, high-fives, and howls.

     After the crowd calmed down she said, “Now that everyone is awake—for I know how sleepy you get after chow—I’ll begin my lecture.”

     “How many of you would like to go back in time to make some adjustment in happenstance?” After some raised their hands, she next asked, “How many of you would like to go ahead in time just to be newsy?”

     “Before I forget, let me mention that I am not here to preach to all of you, nor proselytize, nor evangelize. I am here to present historical facts and biblical prophecies. My objective is to open your minds, so you may analyze what you see and hear. Now I’ll start with this chart of a biblical timeline.”

bible time chart

     “Time has already been mapped out for us. Since God exist outside of our spacetime realm, He knows the beginning, from the end. Therefore, I hypothesis that there’s no need for time travel. What has happened, has happened, and what will be, will be. Traveling back or forward in time won’t change a thing. It’s all shown here.”

     Just then professor Wishbone rose up and rebuked her by saying, “I maintain all this Bible stuff is nothing more than mere speculation and fairy tales. There’s no substance to it.”

     Thompson: “For instance professor, this next video projection pertains to a prophecy from the book of Daniel, verse 12:4: ‘But thou, O Daniel, shut up the words, and seal the book, even to the time of the end: many shall run to and fro, and knowledge shall be increased.‘”

     “Needless to say, this is what—how you say—what’s going down. So if you’re inquisitive about what else will be coming down, check out the chart. Better yet, read the Bible. Now professor Wishbone, do you still think the Bible is full of fairy tales?”

     Rather respond to her, Wishbone left the auditorium in a huff, prompting another audience uproar. Yet in a previous lecture, he acknowledged the scripture in Revelation about the bottomless pit as being a theoretical black hole. Since professor Wisenheirmer remembered the indecent he was left perplexed as to what Wishbone’s problem was. Maybe it was just rebellion towards God, he surmised.

To be continued

Time Travel Theories

The Grandfather Paradox

     To resolve the overwhelming request from so many students inquisitive about time travel, adjunct professor Wisestien scheduled an assembly in the amphitheater classroom to present current theories about the subject. He scheduled a late morning session, and an early afternoon session after the lunch break. Wisestien kicked off the first session. For the second presentation, he had invited a theologian from Fuller Theological Seminary.

     Wisestien: “For this first session, I will begin by explaining the mysteries of the theoretical grandfather time travel paradox. Let’s say, for instance, what if you travel back in time to whack your grandfather? The following two images depict possible ways that may be possible. One is to travel back through some wormhole near the speed of light in a spacecraft. The other is to be physically transported in the nude as in the science fiction movie Terminator.


warp drive

     Wisestien: “So, if your mission was successful, one of your parents would not have been born. Therefore, you would not have been born. Moreover, if you weren’t born, then your grandfather would not die. If he didn’t die, then you would be born, enabling you to repeat the mission, which is our original position. Therefore, generating an infinite loop. Thus resulting in a paradox, . . . a time travel paradox.”


     “Since this tends to be a brain twister, I have included the following illustrated diagrams to provide some clarification. So, if you ‘were never born,’ that means the grandfather must have gotten whacked. On the other hand, if you ‘were never born’ then how could you go back and whack your grandfather?”


     “Some physicists say that the universe will not allow someone to go back and kill their grandfather. Something will surely happen that will prevent you from killing him since he lived to bear offspring such as yourself. In any event, you should pay for the crime. So the manhunt begins with law enforcement officers and bounty hunters out on the prowl.”


     “Other scientist say that when you travel back in time, you arrive in a different parallel universe—as depicted here.”

     “In this multiverse environment you can change the past without causing any paradoxes. Taking this further, and to be more specific, alternate universes allow for the multiple options available when making decisions about future events. Simply stated,” Wisestien continued, “One universe exist where the grand dad lives, and another exist where he’s been snuffed. Just think about it. If you ever get overly despondent, instead of committing suicide, it would be much easier and painless if you just go back in time and rub-out your grand daddy.”

     This statement caused an uproar of wide spread hilarity in the auditorium.

     “In any case, this could prompt diverse predicaments for those law enforcement officers and bounty hunters assigned to track you down for murder. You could wind up going free, if you’re able to avoid them altogether in some other universe—the perfect crime. Unless, however, you emerge into a universe where a similar incident occurred and you eventually get collared for being the trigger man. In any event, think about the predicament for John Walsh, of America’s Most Wanted?”

     Wisestien: “Many scientist lean toward this hypothesis plus two others: The Bootstrap paradox, and the Predestination paradox. For now we will bypass these and open up for questions, after which we will break for lunch.”

     As the students filed out for lunch, they began lolly gaggin’ and cloownin’—saying things like: “Say dude, what century are you from?” and “I’m not here. I’m still out on the lam.” and “I’d make it easier on myself by putting out a contract to hire a mafia hit man.”

To be continued