The Event Horizon

Black Holes

     It was a sunny afternoon when a colleague of Wisestein, arrived from MIT to give a lecture on Black Holes. The professor named Dr. Chad Chandler, possessed a doctorate in Cosmology. Most of the faculty was present, including Wisenheirmer and Wishbone. He began the lecture with slides showing artist depictions of Black Holes.

event horizon

     Chandler: “The following slide depicts a view of the entrance to a Black Hole. The Event Horizon is the outer ring to the Black Hole. This is where gasses, matter, light and energy begin their journey to being sucked into the hole. The Singularity is the corridor where everything entering will narrow down to a theoretical Wormhole. Some of you may ask, ‘Where does it all finally go?’ Well, on the other end there is a theoretical White Hole, where nothing can enter it’s Event Horizon—only exit from it. Both being connected by a Wormhole as shown on the following slide.”

worm hole diagrahm

     Chandler continued: “Once objects fall through the event horizon, they’re lost forever.” According to Shep Doeleman, assistant director of the MIT Haystack Observatory and research associate at the Smithsonian Astrophysical Observatory. “It’s an exit door from our universe. You walk through that door, you’re not coming back.”

space craft wormhole 2

     Chandler continued: “Next we have an animated science fiction depiction of a space craft exiting a journey through a Wormhole. It’s fictional, because the gravitational pull into the hole becomes so extreme that it overwhelms all other forces in the Universe—even light. Thus, any space craft will be obliterated.”

worm hole

     Chandler concluded: “This last artist depiction shows the entrance and exit of a Wormhole. Please note how theoretically, the exit point is located at some other region in the Universe, or into another Universe altogether. Some scientist even speculate that it could be a portal into eternity—completely outside of our known Universe.”

     At this point, Professor Wisenheirmer interjected and said, “Scientists no longer scoff at the concept of ‘eternity’ as used by the Bible writers and the poets because they themselves have located it! It is the scriptural term ‘the third heaven, the heaven of heavens, and the highest heaven.’ It exist beyond space and the stars, where no man has seen by telescope. This heaven is the dwelling-place of God, holy angels, and the spirits of men.”

     Just then, Professor Wishbone interjected, “Then one could conclude that the bottomless pit, held for Satan and demons as written in Revelation, is also a Black Hole.”

     “Well put professor,” Wisenheirmer acknowledged. “I see you’ve been delving into Holy writ. In any case, all of us here should seriously give this some thought. These Black Holes are portals to somewhere, but where?”

     At that time Professor Wisestien stepped in and said, “Before we open up for questions, let’s give a hand to professor Chandler.” After clapping and cheers, the session continued with an onslaught of questions from mostly undergraduate students.”