The Paradox of Christ

[Continued from the previous Post – More Time Travel]

Multiple Crucifixions

     Before the conclusion of Dr. Christine Thompson’s lecture, she emphasized the crucifixion of Jesus.

     Thompson: “Now I want you all to focus in on the center of the chart; The image of the cross more specifically. This is the most significant event that occurred on this planet. Now let’s suppose there are multiple universes in existence. Or, even multiple inhabited worlds within our own galaxy. Just think of the possible predicament this would cause Jesus.”

     She continued, “Now imagine if the Father asked Jesus to go down to other worlds that were infested with sin. And if Lucifer or some other evil entity was there working overtime to insure there would be plenty of company in hell at the end time. Moreover, the Father asked Him to suffer through another crucifixion event.”


     “I’m sure Jesus would remind Him of the prayer He said before hand:” ‘If thou be willing, remove this cup from me . . .‘ This is His quote from Luke 22:42. Jesus was fully man, as well as fully God. If He were a cyborg, a droid or some other fabricated entity, he wouldn’t have felt a thing.”

     Thompson continued: “Thus, he would have been a fake, resulting in a bogus crucifixion. A being sent from heaven as a plant. Therefore, if this were the case, the atonement for sins would have been a farce.”

     At his point she made the sign of the cross as if she were asking forgiveness for her humorous gag about the Lord.

     Thompson then finalized: “What a pitiful site He was. I want to conclude by stating that because of this fictional scenario, it is my contention that there is only us. No other worlds, no other universes, no extraterrestrials out there. We are it. And Christ paid the price, once and for all.”


     “I’m sorry I said I wouldn’t preach. But I know no other way to get this message across. Besides, just look at the photo of this sea of humanity. There are over 7 billion folks on this planet. Isn’t that enough of us to go around?” Even though the Multiverse theory is widely accepted, I proclaim it is a megamistake.”

     After the assembly was dismissed, there were clumps of gatherings outside discussing the significance of what they just heard. Some conversations were positive, while others were negative. Obviously those objecting were of the evolutionist and atheist crowd. Waiting outside was Professor Wishbone who told them they should have left with him when he stormed out earlier. “That was total poppycock,” he asserted, “What rational scientific student would fall for such rubbish?”