The Evolution of Lucy

Planet of the Apes

     During one late afternoon, after classes, Dr. Wisenheirmer prepared a brief laptop presentation to be viewed by Dr. Wishbone. It had to do with the previous discovery of a fossil that was alleged to have been the missing link. During that time evolutionary scientist had collaborated and named the fossil “Lucy,” because of it’s female characteristics.

     After entering Wishbone’s classroom with his laptop, Wisenheirmer proceeded to interrupt Wishbone during his studies. “Good evening professor. I was curious as to your findings about Lucy as was discovered by paleontologist Dr. Donald Johanson on November 30, 1974, in Hadar, Ethiopia,” asked professor Wisenheirmer. “I have here a few images relative to the find here on my laptop. Of course, some of them were developed from my own speculations.”


     Wishbone: “Yes professor. What’s the point? I know the outcome of the research done over those years. Some scientist maintain it is a hoax. So what do you want from me?”

     Wisenheirmer: “I brought it up, because of the latest film, Dawn Of The Planet Of The Apes. The trailer shown here is from the earlier film Rise Of The Planet Of The Apes. Note the advertised statements: Evolution, Becomes, Revolution. This is followed by a clip from the original film that shows Dr. Zira—the female brain. I just thought this to be ironical. Maybe she should have been named Lucy.”

female ape

planet of apes

     Wishbone: “Again Professor Wisenheirmer, what do you want from me? I take exception to all this harassment. You’re rattling my cage.”

     Wisenheirmer: “After giving it some additional thought, you’re right. I am being to much of an ass. You don’t deserve me to jack you around any further.” In the meantime, Wisenheirmer began to contemplate under his breath: ‘How can I win this man over to a biblical worldview while treating him like this? Shame on me.‘ “I’m sorry professor. I don’t know what got into me. Please accept my apologies.”

     Wishbone: “You don’t need to beat a dead horse. I know the errors in my analysis. I feel like a fool. So let me be, and I accept your apologies. Now I’ve been researching something that I know will turn the tables.”

     Afterwards, Wisenheirmer felt some relief, since he sensed Wishbone was still in a somewhat forgiving and competitive mood. So, he immediately left the room while the gettin’ was good.